The magic of a wedding dress consists in its authentic design, the special textiles it is made of, the handmade craftsmanship, and its unique details. For over 30 years, we have created amazing nuptial dresses in limited editions for our brides-to-be, to make them feel truly special on their wedding day. Our absolute influence is the visual and emotional impact our designs can have on the bride and her audience.

As every true love story begins with a wedding dress, our story has been written in chapters of love dedicated to art, to brides, to family.

In 1988, Elena, a young lady with a passion for tailoring, was sewing her first wedding creation in a small room turned into a creation spot, in her own home. Since every piece that was made with love gets easily to a woman’s soul, the success of Elena’s dresses came immediately. More women started to dream of a wedding dress created especially for each of them by Elena.

10 years later, the creation spot was transformed into a fancy boutique in the city of Chișinău. Inspired by the names of her two daughters, Daniela and Julia, Elena named the boutique Djulia. Thus, Elena became the first wedding dresses designer at that moment, in Chișinău.

Her dresses were then displayed in the biggest fashion store in Moldova. She participated with her collections at Moscow Fashion Week and she was awarded at important design competitions. In 2004, she launched her first gowns collection.

The brand had a remarkable evolution: Elena displayed the dresses in more shops in Moldova; she opened a showroom in Chișinău, and she received more orders from outside the country. Thus, in 2014, Djulia got a new identity. Ever since, the brand Julia Helena brings out, constantly, new collections of precious and unique gowns and wedding dresses. Waves of tulle, chiffon, silk, satin, lace, and embroidery turn into amazing works of art in Julia Helena’s workshop.  

For over 30 years, the tailors at Julia Helena have created unique wedding dresses and sublime gowns in limited editions. They are all pieces of art, handcrafted with attention to every detail. We imagine a dress for every woman, with a minimum of 3 tries before we deliver the final product, in order to create the perfect dress to compliment the woman’s figure. Because the woman who chooses our creations is romantic, sophisticated, seductive, and very stylish.

Julia Helena dresses are now available in Moldova, Romania, and Germany.

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What customers say about us

Julia Helena is not just a brand story, it's more than that! It's about magic, beauty, femininity. Thanks to the evening dresses from the JH showroom and not only, I managed to feel like a real princess in the most important moments of my life, so that the well-being inside resonates with the outside appearance.
Tanasciuc Marcela
On one of the most exciting days of my life - graduation day, I had the biggest boost of confidence thanks to the evening dress from the Julia Helena showroom 🙂 Light, feminine and very comfortable! I was truly a #jhgirl! <3
Julie Rocher