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The magic of a wedding dress consists in its authentic design, the special textiles it is made of, the handmade craftsmanship, and its unique details. For over 30 years, we have created amazing nuptial dresses in limited editions for our brides-to-be, to make them feel truly special on their wedding day. Our absolute influence is the visual and emotional impact our designs can have on the bride and her audience.

As every true love story begins with a wedding dress, our story has been written in chapters of love dedicated to art, to brides, to family.

In 1988, Elena, a young lady with a passion for tailoring, was sewing her first wedding creation in a small room turned into a creation spot, in her own home. Since every piece that was made with love gets easily to a woman’s soul, the success of Elena’s dresses came immediately. More women started to dream of a wedding dress created especially for each of them by Elena.

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