About Elegant Dresses – User Guide

“A woman can be dressed exaggerated, but never overly elegant.”

There are things, tendencies and customs that will never go out of fashion. And elegant dresses can not be an exception. The women of the past had to visit all the shops, to sit for hours in a row, to look hundreds of times in the mirror to choose the perfect dress at the end. But today it’s easier than ever. Find elegant, affordable, affordable dresses. All you need is to know your body measures and decide on your desired model by selecting the online gown, so you can order cheap elegant dresses from home.

For centuries the elegance was at her home. Regardless of the season or occasion, women used to wear elegant and sumptuous dresses up to earth that were in their jewels embellished with jewels. Especially for certain events requiring a specific dress-code. Today things have changed, but old tendencies remain. Perhaps the only problem is that “cheap, elegant” dresses and at the same time beautiful, are considered to be words that do not really bind. We have a different opinion.

However, when we talk about feminine elegance and especially elegant dresses we can not miss an important fact – elegance is a message. And no matter what dress you choose, it depends on you how you transmit this message. Elegant dresses tend to show maturity and a wisdom of heart that only women know to truly master. They are recommended, especially young ladies reserved and modest but nowadays, because fashion has evolved with fast steps, we can communicate this magic even in circumstances where you are a more open thread. You just have to choose intelligently. Typically, clothes can influence our mood decisively.


“Stylish Dress of Day” and “Evening Evening Dress”

The difference counts.

An elegant day dress – is defined by its relatively short length and light colors. Here are the short, molded or short bold (mini) dresses that highlight the shapes, but can also be dresses customary with a specific cut. Of course, with only one small condition: the length of the dress is up to the knee. It is recommended that the colors that are lighter will give you brilliance.

Elegant evening dress – is usually long to the ground, but it can also be at the knees. We do not recommend short and molded dresses except in some special cases. When we speak of colors – desirable to be closed, static without many contrasts.


How to choose the perfect stylish dress for your silhouette?
“The hourglass silhouette”

The clamshell silhouette is defined as a balance between the hip and shoulder measures with a well-widened waist. In this case you have a great freedom of choice. It fits perfectly with most models. However, it is recommended to accentuate the waist, to highlight the bust and to choose the dresses without contrasts so that the accent falls on body shapes.

“Triangle Silhouette”

In the case of the triangle, the lower area of ​​the body is more bulky than the upper one. That is, the size of the hips is larger than the shoulders. In these cases, it tends to balance the proportion, adding more volume to the top – wide sleeves, collar bells, ornaments on the top of the dress. In fact, the triangle is often very attractive to men, so it is indented to accentuate the waist.

“Reverse triangle silhouette”

In this case we deal with the opposite of the triangle silhouette, but we apply the same principle for proportioning only in inverted manner. Because your shoulders are lighter than the size of your hips, we tend to add volume to the bottom to get a proportionate image. Gowns that have unobstructed shoulders are indicated either definitively or only partially.

“Rectangle Silhouette”

Rectangle silhouette is defined as a slightly masculine constitution without having a well-defined waistline. But that does not mean we have to despair. Fashion helps you. In this case, we add a little volume on both sides, both in the upper shoulders and the upper hips, and of course we emphasize as much as possible. Choosing such elegant dresses – will create a proportionate and obviously attractive image.

“Apple Silhouette”

If you have a few extra pounds and are unsure and desperate in choosing an elegant dress, then you do not have to dramatize. There are beautiful dresses that have this silhouette and that will make you perfect despite this small flaw. The “apple silhouette” is defined by round and weighted shapes. That’s why designers have created dresses to divert attention from standard standards. In this case, attention will be focused from the waist to the neckline. Thus, the dress often has the shape of “A” and puts on your legs and bust to create a look


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